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Ignatieff to Harper: Give answers or face defeat

I’m back, kinda. I had to rant about this story. CBC should as a matter of course include links to material that relate to the story. In this case link to a page that says what the EI benefits of the time are. And links to the Charter and constitution!!!

My Comment:

K, now, last I heard, you only received as much EI as you worked. If you work ten-weeks, you received 10-weeks of EI. If you worked for ten years, you receive at the moment, 45-weeks(not sure-used to be 52-weeks). How fair is that? If you are self-employed (true back-bone of society) you get nothing.

If Ignatieff and the boys decide to topple the Tories, that doesn’t automatically trigger an election. Dion almost did that before the coup that removed him. If G-G Jean, as Queen’s representative, chose to replace Harper with Ignatieff or Layton or even Duceppe, there wouldn’t be much that we could say, because she has that power. It is just precedence that she doesn’t use it. Harper badgered/threatened her (I would like to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting) her into calling an election.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Harper is PM only because he is the leader of the party with the largest number of seats.
This is not the US. We don’t vote for the PM directly, we vote for the party that the eventual PM is the leader of.
LOOK IT UP!!!!!!
You know I swear that knowing the constitution and charter should be a requirement for citizenship of people that are born in Canada not just immigrants. At least make it a requirement of graduation.

There’s my rant. Now: “Let loose the flamers of idiots” (“let loose the dogs of war” for those that don’t get it)


This will not change until religion is removed from the law making process.

Who do they think they’re kidding?

Article from discussing the appointment of Julius Genachowski to head of the FCC in the US.
The telcos don’t give a lot of credit to the public for their intelligence. They’re just trying to get away with staying in markets that have the highest profit margins.

“…The major telcos, meanwhile, have uniformly opposed ‘Net neutrality by arguing that such government intervention would take away ISPs’ incentives to upgrade their networks, thus stalling the widespread deployment of broadband Internet. In order to keep maintaining and improving network performance, say ‘Net neutrality opponents, ISPs need to have the power to use tiered networks to discriminate in how quickly they deliver Internet traffic…”

It is nice to that Google is supporting ‘Net neutrality.

And they wonder why….

This Tom’s Hardware article is just ridiculous. OK I know its old but…

Kids sue school district for millions over MySpace prank

9:33 PM – January 31, 2007 by

Humphrey Cheung

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A trio of Brighton, Tennessee, high school students are suing the
school district for $3 million after they were disciplined for a
MySpace prank. Christopher Barnett, Kevin Black and Gary Moses created
a MySpace profile page and pretended to be their school’s assistant
principal. The page was taken down after three days, but this wasn’t
enough for the school district. Barnett was expelled, while Black and
Moses are now on probation.

The boys’ parents believe the district overreacted and think the
disciplinary actions could harm their kids’ college chances. The
parents have now banded together in a $3 million dollar suit against
the Tipton County Board of Education.

People wonder why the education system in the US is showing problems. Why work and be responsible when all you have to do is sue someone when you screw the pooch.

These kids got what they earned. Impersonating someone in authority is fraud in my books. They were lucky that they got nailed now. If they had tried this in the real world, the FBI or whoever, who have punished them a lot more than a measly little expulsion. They can probably appeal. An expulsion probably won’t mean a lot if they can prove that they’ve learned their lesson and can show maturity.

Response to comment

Seeing as I received my first comment during the last day or so, I decided to study the other side of the political spectrum. The Intellectual Redneck has something interesting, if somewhat outlandish views, at least in my mind.

His 12 January posting includes a video explaining ‘some’ of the issues surrounding Obama’s citizenship.

I did a search on evidence from third parties and found this site The article, posted 13 October 2008 has two links about where he was born. The first links to Obama’s Wikipedia article. The second is a link to Wikipedia article taken from the Google cache from 30 Nov 2008 05:00:56 GMT. I didn’t find any reference to Barack Obama being born here. I guess they should have copied the entire article instead of just linking to it.

I also found an article at refuting it. But, an article like this is likely to ignored.

The first US President to be born an American citizen was Martin Van Buren. All of his predecessors were born before the Revolution, a key organizer of the Democratic Party. Coincedence? There’s something else for the conspiracy theorists to ponder.

I have a question. How many people have their orignal/long form birth certificate?????. I have a laminated card that was issued a month after I was born.
It is very possible that the long form, if it was giving to his mother, may have been lost. She did leave the US for a while after he was born. It is entirely plausible. It does happen sometimes.

I would have kept reading but it was starting to give me a headache.

But, it doesn’t help to fight them with logic, because they just dismiss it out of hand. I have had many discussions with people like this. Any argument or talking point that I have, even if it born on years of scientific proof, is dismissed as fantasy. Yet these same people that God exists, even if there is no scientific proof one way or another. They call Evolution ‘just’ a Theory. But The Theory Gravity is just a theory too. It just happens to be a very persistant one. Although I wish that gravity had local ‘contradictions’ sometimes.